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Meeting Date: 11/15/2016
Item Creation Date: 10/18/2016


Agenda Item#: 18.


ORDINANCE approving and authorizing submission of grant application to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION for increasing Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Coverage by strengthening Adolescent Assessment, Feedback, Incentives and Exchange Activities Grant through the City’s Immunization Program of the Houston Health Department; declaring the City’s eligibility for such grant; authorizing the Director of the Houston Health Department to act as the City’s representative in the application process, to accept the grant and expend the grant funds, as awarded, and to apply for and accept all subsequent awards, if any, pertaining to the grant


The Houston Health Department (HHD) requests City Council approval of an ordinance authorizing the acceptance and expending of grant funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for increasing Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine coverage by strengthening adolescent Assessment Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange (AFIX) visits through the City’s immunization program. The budget and project period is from September 30, 2016 through September 29, 2018. 


The total award amount is $500,000.00.  HHD also requests City Council to authorize the Mayor to execute all related contracts, agreements and documents with the approval of the City Attorney in connection with the grant and to authorize the Director or his designee to act as the City’s representative with the authority to apply for, accept and expend the grant funds, as awarded, and to apply for and accept and expend all subsequent awards, if any, and to extend the term, not to exceed five (5) years, if extended, with approval of the City Attorney. 


The purpose of this funding opportunity is to improve the number and quality of adolescent AFIX visits conducted by identifying medical practices that serves a large number of adolescents. 


To achieve the grant’s objectives, HHD will

1) use immunization registry data to identify zip codes with low immunization coverage by zip code for adolescents, ages eleven (11) to eighteen (18) years in Houston and

2) collaborate with:

Physicians affiliated with Texas Medical Center and other large-network health facilities to create a video promoting HPV vaccination, strong provider recommendations and reminder/recall. ·      

MD Anderson to support clinician to clinician trainings. The Immunization Program currently collaborates with the MD Anderson to provide CDC developed printed HPV materials to support trainings conducted throughout Harris Health System. ·      

VFC Providers to improve the outcomes and implementation of AFIX visits and recommendations. Additio ·      


The Immunization Partnership to provide recommendations and collaboration in creating an HPV video. The Immunization Partnership sponsors a Physician Advisory Board to improve the number of provider-level decision makers participating in AFIX site visits, feedback session and quality improvement recommendations. ·      


Centers for Disease Control to utilize CDC produced educational resources and distribute educational materials throughout VFC provider offices. Grant funding allows $ 141,219.00 in personnel cost (2 FTEs) and $ 108,781.00 in program expenses.

Amount of Funding:

Total Grant Award:                         $500,000.00            

Federal Government Grant Fund:  5000

Contact Information:

Kathy Barton                               

Telephone: 832-393-5045 ; Cell:  713-826-5801

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