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Meeting Date: 3/31/2015
District D
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PARKS - Motion establishing a date for a public hearing on the granting of a pipeline easement through a portion of Blackhawk Park

Agenda Item#: 41.


2015-224 - SET A PUBLIC HEARING DATE on the granting of a pipeline easement through a portion of Blackhawk Park to Fairway Energy Partners, LLC

HEARING DATE - 9:00 A. M. - WEDNESDAY - MAY 6, 2014

Blackhawk Park (“Park”) consists of approximately 76.81 acres located at 9401 Fuqua. Park amenities include a multi-purpose field, a playground and a picnic pavilion. The Parks and Recreation Department proposes to authorize the granting of an easement to Fairway Energy Partners, LLC (“Fairway”) to construct, operate and maintain two 24” petroleum products pipelines across a portion of the Park. The City and Fairway have worked together to determine that there is no reasonable and prudent alternative to the proposed pipeline route and to minimize impacts to natural and cultural resources within the Park.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Code Chapter 26 requires three public notices and a public hearing prior to authorizing the use or taking of park land for non-park purposes. Notices will be published in the Houston Chronicle on April 13, April 20, and April 27, 2015. The proposed date of the public hearing is Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. in Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 901 Bagby Street, Houston, Texas. On May 13, 2015, the Parks and Recreation Department will bring an ordinance to City Council to make findings relating to the public hearing and to approve the conveyance of the easement
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