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Meeting Date: 3/31/2015
Item Creation Date:

HPD - Extension Amendments to the City’s agreements with tow operators under the SafeClear Freeway Towing and Emergency Road Service Program.

Agenda Item#: 20.


2015-274 - ORDINANCE approving and authorizing extension amendments to SafeClear Freeway Towing and Emergency Road Service Agreements between the City of Houston and ALLIED COLLISION CENTER, INC, CANNINO WEST, INC, CORPORATE AUTO SERVICES, INC, C-MAS, INC, D/B/A FIESTA WRECKER SERVICE, K.T.L. ENTERPRISES, INC, MILAM STREET AUTO STORAGE, INC, NORTH HOUSTON MOTORS, INC, T & T MOTORS, INC, d/b/a T & T MOTORS, UNIFIED AUTO WORKS PAINT & BODY, INC, d/b/a UNIFIED AUTO WORKS, WESTSIDE WRECKER SERVICE, INC, RBEX, INC, d/b/a APPLE TOWING CO., STERLING INTEREST INVESTMENTS, INC, d/b/a ELITE COLLISION CENTER and HOUSTON AUTO TECH, INC, d/b/a HOUSTON AUTO TECH (“SafeClear Towing Agreements”) to extend the SafeClear Towing Agreements for up to five months to give the City sufficient time to publish a request for qualifications and select qualified Police Authorized Tow Service Agreement Holders as operators to perform SafeClear Towing on Freeways in the City of Houston


The Chief of Police for the Houston Police Department recommends that City Council approve an Ordinance authorizing Extension Amendments to the current SafeClear Freeway Towing and Emergency Road Service Agreements (“SafeClear Agreements) that will expire June 30, 2015. 


The City is in the process of issuing a Request for Qualifications to obtain qualifications from Police Authorized Tow Services Agreement operators for the purpose of selecting operators for new SafeClear Freeway Towing and Emergency Road Service Agreements.  The term of the Extension Amendments will not exceed five months (November 30, 2015) to allow the City sufficient time to select Operators to provide SafeClear Freeway Towing and Emergency Road Service.  In the event new Operators are selected pursuant to the Request for Qualifications process prior to November 30, 2015, the existing SafeClear Agreement as extended will terminate on the date of countersignature of a new SafeClear Agreement for one or more of the segments covered.


HPD is requesting City Council to approve an Ordinance authorizing:


(i)       Extension Amendments  to the Fourth Amended and Restated SafeClear Freeway Towing and Emergency Road Service Agreements, as amended, between the City and



 Allied Collision Center, Inc.


Milam Street Auto Storage, Inc.


 Cannino West, Inc.


North Houston Motors, Inc.


 C-MAS, Inc. d/b/a Fiesta Wrecker Service


T & T Motors, Inc. d/b/a T & T Motors


 Corporate Auto Service, Inc.


Unified Auto Works Paint & Body, Inc. d/b/a/
Unified Auto Works


 KTL Enterprises, Inc.




Westside Wrecker Service, Inc.


(ii)      Extension Amendments to the SafeClear  Freeway Towing Service and Emergency Road Service Agreements, as amended,  between the City and



 Houston Auto Tech, Inc. d/b/a Houston Auto Tech


 RBEX, Inc. d/b/a/ Apple Towing Co.


 Sterling Interest Investments, Inc. d/b/a Elite Collision Center


Prior Council Action:

Code of Ordinance Amendments: 12/5/2001, Ord. No. 2001-1079; 5/26/2004, Ord. No. 2004-497; 09/22/2005, Ord. No. 2005-1271.


Contracts and Amendments: 10/14/2009, Ord. No. 2009-0980; 10/27/2010, Ord. No. 2010-0548, Ord. No. 2010-0833, and 05/04/2011, Ord. No. 2011-0325.
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Joseph A. Fenninger, CFO & Deputy Director  713.308.1700
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