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Meeting Date: 3/31/2015
Item Creation Date: 3/23/2015

20JAI549 rePipe Construction, LLC dba IPR South Central, LLC

Agenda Item#: 34.


2015-265 - ORDINANCE appropriating $3,925,845.00 out of Water & Sewer System Consolidated Construction Fund; awarding contract to REPIPE CONSTRUCTION, LCC dba IPR SOUTH CENTRAL, LLC for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Cured-In-Place Pipe Method; setting a deadline for the bidder's execution of the contract and delivery of all bonds, insurance, and other required contract documents to the City; holding the bidder in default if it fails to meet the deadlines; providing funding for engineering and testing, and contingencies relating to construction of facilities financed by the Water & Sewer System Consolidated Construction Fund  (4258-64)


SUBJECT:  Contract Award for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Cured-In-Place Pipe Method with rePipe Construction, LLC dba IPR South Central, LLC WBS# R-000266-0231-4.  


RECOMMENDATION:  (Summary)  Accept low bid, award construction contract, and appropriate funds.  


SPECIFIC EXPLANATION: This project is part of the Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Program and is required to renew/replace various deteriorated neighborhood collection systems throughout the City.  


DESCRIPTION/SCOPE: This project consists of sanitary sewer rehabilitation by cured-in-place pipe method. The contract duration for this project is 540 calendar days.   


LOCATION:  The work order project area is generally bounded by the City Limits.  


BIDS:  Two (2) bids were received on December 18, 2014 for this project as follows:   


                Bidder                                                                                Bid Amount

            1. rePipe Construction, LLC dba IPR South Central, LLC    $3,710,328.18

            2. Layne Inliner, LLC                                                             $3,874,865.10


AWARD: It is recommended that this construction contract be awarded to rePipe Construction, LLC dba IPR South Central, LLC, with a low bid of $3,710,328.18.  


PROJECT COST:  The total cost of this project is $3,925,845.00 to be appropriated as follows:             

    Bid Amount                                 $3,710,328.18

    Contingencies                             $   185,516.82

    Engineering Testing Services     $     30,000.00  


Engineering Testing Services will be provided by HTS, Inc. Consultants under a previously approved contract.  


HIRE HOUSTON FIRST: Hire Houston First does not apply to this expenditure, because it involves the use of federal funds and is subject to specific procurement rules of the federal government.  


PAY OR PLAY PROGRAM:  The proposed contract requires compliance with the City’s Pay or Play ordinance regarding health benefits for employees of City contractors. In this case, the contractor provides health benefits to eligible employees in compliance with City policy.  


M/WSBE PARTICIPATION: The contractor has submitted the following proposed program to satisfy the 12.94% MBE goal, and 8.72% WBE goal for this project.



Name of Firms Work Description Amount % of Contract

Chief Solutions, Inc. Clean & Televise Sewer Lines $128,748.39 3.47%            

Texas Pride Utilities, LLC Sewer Rehab/Construction $111,309.85 3.00% 5M

Rope & Supply, LLC Supplies $240,058.23 6.47%  

            TOTAL $480,116.47 12.94%  



Name of Firms Work Description Amount % of Contract

CBL Industries, LLC Asphalt/Concrete Paving $161,770.31 4.36%            

Deanie Hayes, Inc. Supplies $ 37,103.28 1.00%

Advantage Manhole & Concrete Services Manhole Rehabilitation $124,667.03 3.36%              TOTAL $323,540.62 8.72%      


All known rights-of-way and easements required for this project have been acquired.  

Prior Council Action:

$3,925,845.00 - Water and Sewer System Consolidated Construction Fund(8500)


This project is eligible for low interest funding through a State Revolving Fund (SRF) Equivalency loan.

Amount of Funding:

Jason Iken, P.E.

Senior Assistant Director

Phone: (832) 395-4989
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