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Meeting Date: 2/17/2015
District C
Item Creation Date: 2/11/2015

PR - Interlocal Agreement Houston Parks Board Kirby Trees

Agenda Item#: 32.


2015-150 - ORDINANCE appropriating $300,000.00 out of Parks Special Fund; approving and authorizing an Interlocal Agreement between the City and the HOUSTON PARKS BOARD LGC, INC for the Restoration of Trees within the City right-of-way at 5003 Kirby Drive - DISTRICT C - COHEN


The Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) recommends City Council approve an Interlocal Agreement (Agreement) between the City of Houston and the Houston Parks Board LGC (HPBLGC), acting through its manager, Houston Parks Board, Inc. to fund the replacement  planting of six (6) live oak tress illegally removed from the right-of-way at 5003 Kirby Drive. The City Legal Department and HPARD negotiated with the responsible party for a settlement amount of $300,000.


Upon approval of the Agreement by Council, the settlement amount the City has received from the developer will be paid to HPBLGC to manage and provide all labor, material, and supervision necessary to complete the tree planting project in the right-of-way. The scope of work for the restoration project includes removal of six (6) live oak tree stumps, supply, delivery and installation of six (6) 14” to 16” live oak trees, two-year warranty for each tree, installation of irrigation system and sub-drainage to water trees. Any unspent funds may be used for additional improvements within City rights-of-way or park lands, subject to the review and approval of the Director.

Amount of Funding:
$300,000 - Parks Special Fund (4012)
Contact Information:
Luci Correa 832-395-7057
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