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Meeting Date: 3/31/2015
District A
Item Creation Date: 2/9/2015

PLN-Street Name Change Shady Meadow Dr. to Shadybrook Meadow Dr.

Agenda Item#: 25.


2015-256 - ORDINANCE changing the name of Shady Meadow Drive to SHADYBROOK MEADOW DRIVE DISTRICT A - STARDIG


The Planning and Development Department has received a request to rename Shady Meadow Drive to Shadybrook Meadow Drive (see enclosed map). The location is along Kempwood Drive, between the limits of Gessner Road to the west and Campbell Road to the east. This name change will not affect the street numbering. 


The application meets the petition requirement because the street is located in a new development and all abutting property is under single ownership.


The Planning Department mailed HPD, HFD, Reliant Energy, AT&T, Greater Harris County 911, Houston Emergency Center, and the US Post Office, and they do not oppose the change. The proposed street name is in compliance with the City’s Street name change procedures and standards. 

Source of Funding:
General Fund

Contact Information:
Jennifer Ostlind 832-393-6569
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