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Meeting Date: 2/8/2022
Item Creation Date: 1/25/2022

S29676 - Sand, Washed Gravel, and Stabilized Cement - MOTION (216 Resources, Inc.)

Agenda Item#: 8.


216 RESOURCES, INC for Sand, Washed Gravel and Stabilized Cement for Houston Public Works 3 Years with 2 one-year options - $903,570.00 - Stormwater and Other Funds


Sole Bid Received December 09, 2021 for S92-S29676 - Approve an award to 216 Resources, Inc. in the amount not to exceed $903,570.00 for sand, washed gravel, and stabilized cement for Houston Public Works. 


Specifics Explanation:

The Director of Houston Public Works and the Chief Procurement Officer recommend that City Council approve an award to 216 Resources, Inc. on its sole bid in the amount not to exceed $903,570.00 for sand, washed gravel, and stabilized cement for Houston Public Works.  It is further requested that authorization be given to make purchases, as needed, for a 36-month period with two one-year options.


This award consists of torpedo sand, cement and asphalt bond breaker stabilized sand, and washed gravel to be used by Houston Public Works to stabilize the banks during bridge reconstruction projects, to repair erosion around and under the bridges and for various street maintenance projects.


This project was advertised in accordance with the requirements of the State of Texas bid laws.  Seven prospective bidders downloaded the solicitation document from SPD’s e-bidding website, and one bid was received.


Subsequent to receipt of the bid, the Strategic Procurement Division contacted prospective bidders to determine the reason for the limited response to the ITB.  A representative from one bidder stated they were viewing the ITB to see if they could supply the materials.  Other prospective bidders did not provide a response.


MWBE Participations:

Zero percentage goal-document approved by the Office of Business Opportunity.


Hire Houston First:

The proposed award requires compliance with the City’s ‘Hire Houston First’ (HHF) ordinance that promotes economic opportunity for Houston businesses and supports job creation.  In this case, 216 Resources, Inc. is a designated HHF company, but they were the successful awardee without application of the HHF preference.


Fiscal Note:

Funding for this item is included in the FY2022 Adopted Budget.  Therefore, no Fiscal Note is required as stated in the Financial Policies.


__________________________________               ___________________________________

Jerry Adams, Chief Procurement Officer              Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E., Director

Finance/Strategic Procurement Division               Houston Public Works


Estimated Spending Authority



Out Years


Houston Public Works

$ 180,714.00

$ 722,856.00

$ 903,570.00

Amount and Source of Funding:

$ 307,213.80

Stormwater Fund (2302)

$ 596,356.20

Dedicated Drainage and Street Renewal Fund - Metro et al (2312)

$ 903,570.00


Contact Information:

Desiree Heath                         SPD    (832) 393-8742

Lien-Huong Nguyen                SPD    (832) 395-3666

Jedediah Greenfield                HPW   (832) 395-3754          

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