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Meeting Date: 2/8/2022
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HPW-20PMO62 Accept Work / Durwood Greene Construction Co

Agenda Item#: 2.


RECOMMENDATION from Director Houston Public Works for approval final contract amount of $4,712,864.46 and acceptance of work on contract with DURWOOD GREENE CONSTRUCTION CO. for City Wide Overlay Package #23 - 1.23% under the revised contract amount - DISTRICTS A - PECK; B - JACKSON; D - EVANS-SHABAZZ; E - MARTIN; G - HUFFMAN and J - POLLARD


SUBJECT:  Accept Work for City Wide Overlay Package #23


RECOMMENDATION: (SUMMARY) Pass a motion to approve the final Contract Amount of $4,712,864.46 or 1.23% under the revised Contract Amount, accept the Work and authorize final payment.


PROJECT NOTICE/JUSTIFICATION:  This project was part of the City Wide Overlay Program and was required to improve and maintain a safe road surface and accessibility, and to prolong the life of the roadway.


DESCRIPTION/SCOPE: This project consisted of the resurfacing of major thoroughfare and collector streets with asphalt overlay along with the repair and improvements to curbs and accessible ramps.  The project involved the construction of hot mix, base repair and pavement markings as needed.   The project was designed in-house with 365 calendar days allowed for construction. The project was awarded to Durwood Greene Construction Co with an original Contract Amount of $3,181,000.00 and an additional appropriations of $1,590,500.00 for a revised total contract amount of $4,771,500.00.


LOCATION: The project was located in seven locations. 


CONTRACT COMPLETION AND COST: The Contractor, Durwood Greene Construction, Co. has completed the work under the subject Contract. The project was completed beyond the established completion date with additional 730 days approved by Change Order No. 2 and 3. The final cost of the project, including overrun and underrun of estimated unit price quantities, and previously approved Change Orders 1-3 is $4,712,864.46, a decrease of $58,635.54 or 1.23% under the revised Contract Amount and under the 5% contingency amount. The decreased cost is a result of the difference between planned and measured quantities.


M/WSBE PARTICIPATION: The advertised M/WBE contract goals for this project were 12% MBE and 7% WBE (19% total). The M/WBE goals approved for this project were 12.27% MBE, 4.79% WBE and 3.65% SBE (20.71% total). According to the Office of Business Opportunity, the actual participation achieved on this project was 19.23% MBE, 5.04% WBE and 2.35% SBE (26.62% total). The standard for meeting MWBE participation goals is the demonstration of Good Faith Efforts. The Contractor’s M/WBE performance on this project was rated Outstanding for the following reasons: The Prime exceeded the MBE and WBE goals on this contract and made good faith efforts to utilize all goal credit subcontractors on this project. For the reasons listed, the Contractor's performance exceeds the intent and spirit of the City of Houston's MWBE program.





Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E., Director

Houston Public Works


WBS No(s). N-321037-0073-4
Prior Council Action:

Ordinance No. 2017-0074, dated 02/08/2017

Ordinance No. 2019-0672, dated 08/22/2018

Amount and Source of Funding:

No additional funding required.


Total (original) appropriation of $4,017,200.00 from Fund No. 4040 – Metro Projects Construction DDSRF and a subsequent appropriation of $1,908,600.00 from Fund No.4040 - Metro Projects Construction DDSRF

Contact Information:

Michael Wahl, PE, PTOE

Transportation and Drainage Operations

 Phone: (832) 395-2443
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