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Meeting Date: 4/19/2022
Item Creation Date: 12/28/2021

HPW - 20WR330 – Petition Addition (11.2077) Porter Municipal Utility District

Agenda Item#: 25.


ORDINANCE consenting to the addition of 11.2077 acres of land to PORTER MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT, for inclusion in the District


SUBJECT: Petition for the City’s consent to the addition of 11.2077 acres to Porter Municipal Utility District.


RECOMMENDATION: Petition for the City’s consent to the addition of 11.2077 acres to Porter Municipal Utility District  be approved.


SPECIFIC EXPLANATION: Porter Municipal Utility District (the “District”) was created through TCEQ in 1978, and currently consists of 4,004.1446 acres within Montgomery County. The District is within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston (the “City”) and has petitioned the City for consent to add 11.2077 acres of vacant land, proposed to be developed as commercial property, to the District. The proposed annexation tract is located in the vicinity of Forest Colony Drive, Eastex Freeway Service Road, Mitchell Lane, and TX-494-Loop. The addition of land to the District does not release it from the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction.


The Utility District Review Committee has evaluated the application with respect to wastewater collection and treatment, potable water distribution, storm water conveyance, and other public services.


The District has a wastewater collection system and treatment facility. The annexation tract will be provided with wastewater treatment by the Porter Municipal Utility District Wastewater Treatment Facility. This regional plant also provides wastewater treatment to Woodridge Municipal Utility District. Potable water is provided by Porter Special Utility District.


The nearest major drainage facility for Porter Municipal Utility District is Ben’s Branch, which flows into Lake Houston. Ben’s Branch is within the San Jacinto River watershed. The proposed annexation tract is partially within the 100 year floodplain (31.76%) and within the 500 year floodplain (7.85%).


By executing the Petition for Consent, the District has acknowledged that all plans for the construction of water conveyance, wastewater collection, and storm water collection systems within the District must be approved by the City prior to their construction. 


The Utility District Review Committee recommends that the subject petition be approved. 



Carol Ellinger Haddock, P. E.   
Houston Public Works

Contact Information:

Sharon Citino, J.D.
Planning Director

Houston Water
Phone: (832) 395-2712

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