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Meeting Date: 10/27/2020
District K
Item Creation Date: 8/28/2020

HPW - 20THV05 Accept Work / Main Lane Industries, LTD

Agenda Item#: 31.


RECOMMENDATION from Director Houston Public Works for approval of final contract amount of $12,326,271.96 and acceptance of work on contract with MAIN LANE INDUSTRIES, LTD, for Woodshire Drainage and Paving Improvements Subproject 1 - 3.81% over the original contract amount and under 5% contingency amount - DISTRICT K - CASTEX-TATUM


This was Item 9 on the Agenda of October 21, 2020

SUBJECT: Accept Work for Woodshire Drainage and Paving Improvements Subproject 1.


RECOMMENDATION: (SUMMARY) Pass a motion to approve the final Contract Amount of $12,326,271.96 or 3.81% over the original Contract Amount, accept the Work and authorize final payment.

PROJECT NOTICE/JUSTIFICATION: This project was part of the Capital Imprvements Project (CIP) program and was required to resolve inadequate drainage system and reduce the potential for structural flooding.

DESCRIPTION/SCOPE: This project provided construction of storm drainage improvements, necessary concrete paving, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, and underground utilities. Pierce, Goodwin, Alexander, and Linville, Inc. designed the project with 540 calendar days allowed for construction. The project was awarded to Main Lane Industries, LTD  with an original Contract Amount of $11,873,870.80.

LOCATION: The project area is generally bound by S. Braeswood Blvd. on the North and West, IH-610 on the South, and Stella Link Rd. on the East.


CONTRACT COMPLETION AND COST: The Contractor, Main Lane Industries, LTD., has completed the work under the subject Contract. The project was completed beyond the established completion date with an additional 29 days approved by Change Order Nos. 2, and 7. The final cost of the project, including overrun and underrun of estimated unit price quantities and previously approved Change Order Nos. 1 - 6 and 8 - 10 is $12,326,271.96, an increase of $452,401.16 or 3.81% over the original Contract Amount and under 5% contingency amount. The increased cost is a result of the difference between planned and measured quantities.


M/WSBE PARTICIPATION: The advertised M/WBE contract goal for this project was 18.00%.  The M/WBE plan established for this project was 18.00%.  According to Office of Business Opportunity, the participation was 23.71%. Contractor’s M/WBE performance evaluation was rated Outstanding.



Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E., Director

Houston Public Works


WBS Nos. M-410001-0001-4 and S-000500-0145-4

Prior Council Action:
Ordinance No. 2017-0713, dated 09-20-2017
Amount and Source of Funding:

No additional funding required.


Total (original) appropriation of $14,110,000.00. 

$1,529,000.00 from Fund 8500 – Water and Sewer System Consolidated Construction. 

$12,581,000.00 Fund No. 4042 – Street & Traffic Control and Storm Drainage DDSRF

Contact Information:

Juan Chavira, PE, PMP, CEM

Assistant Director, Capital Projects

Phone: (832) 395-2441






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