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Meeting Date: 10/20/2020
Item Creation Date: 9/29/2020

PRD - TPWD COOP Grant Application

Agenda Item#: 32.


ORDINANCE approving and authorizing the submission of an electronic grant application to the TEXAS PARKS & WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT FOR THE  COMMUNITY OUTDOOR OUTREACH PROGRAM for the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department (the “Grant”); declaring the City’s eligibility for such Grant; authorizing the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department to act as the City’s representative in the application process; authorizing the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department to accept the Grant and expend the Grant Funds, as awarded, and to apply for and accept all subsequent awards, if any, pertaining to the Grant


The Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) requests Council approval authorizing the submission of a Community Outdoor Outreach Program (COOP) grant application to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD). The grant application must be submitted to TPWD by November 6, 2020. Also, authorizing the HPARD Director or designee to act as the city’s representative in the application process, with the authority to accept and expend such grant funds, as awarded, and to apply for and accept all subsequent awards, if any, pertaining to the grant. HPARD is requesting $30,000 in grant assistance to implement Houston PARKS Adventures – a program geared toward exposing minority and low-income urban youth to nature through environmental education and outdoor recreation. Project partners include Public Works and Engineering Department WaterWorks Education Center, Artist Boat, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Student Conservation Association.


Matching funds are not required, however, points are awarded based on documented applicant contributions to the project. HPARD and project partners will be providing staff and volunteer time, facility use, supplies and equipment to earned these extra points. TPWD requires a Resolution by the City’s governing body to authorize application submission, any applicant contribution, and must designate a project official.


Houston PARKS Adventure enhances the quality and diversity of programming and recreation opportunities offered to HPARD's After-School and Summer Enrichment Program participants. The program will provide hands-on exposure and outdoor learning experiences to connect children with nature and the outdoors. Activities will include field trips to State Parks, bird watching, fishing, camping, outdoor safety, outdoor cooking, hiking and trail exploration, kayaking, and interaction with a variety of wildlife. The program also provides environmental education on topics such as preserving habitat for wildlife, non-point source pollution, water quality, native plants and wildscapes.


Fiscal Note: No fiscal note required on grant item



Director's Signature:






Steve Wright, Director

Houston Parks and Recreation Department 

Amount and Source of Funding:

$30,000.00 - State-Grant Funded (5010)  

Contact Information:

Luci Correa



Jarrel Washington


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