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Meeting Date: 10/27/2020
District E
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HPW - 20EPR11 Accept Work / Houston Waterworks Team

Agenda Item#: 3.


RECOMMENDATION from Director Houston Public Works for approval of final contract amount of $36,698,489.00 and acceptance of work on contract with HOUSTON WATERWORKS TEAM for Early Work Package No. 1 for Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project - 1.72% under the original contract amount - DISTRICT E - MARTIN


SUBJECT: Accept Work for Early Work Package No. 1 for Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project.


RECOMMENDATION: Pass a motion to approve the final Contract Amount of $36,698,489.00 or 1.72% under the Original Contract Amount of $37,339,549.00, accept the Work and authorize final payment.


SPECIFIC EXPLANATION: The project was part of the Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion early construction work to meet the project milestones. This package consisted of the site development of approximately 90 acres and was subdivided into seven (7) subcontract packages: Survey, Temporary Construction Fencing, Erosion Control, Clearing and Grubbing, Earthwork, Utility Relocations, and Temporary Power and Lighting. The project was awarded to Houston Waterworks Team (a joint venture between CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc. and CDM Constructors Inc.) designed with three hundred and fifteen (315) days for construction and an original contract amount of $37,339,594.00.


This project was described and briefed to the Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure (TTI) Committee on August 6, 2020.


LOCATION: This project is located at 12630 Water Works Way, in Humble.


Contract Completion and Cost: The Contractor, Houston Waterworks Team, has completed the work under the subject Contract. This Amendment’s schedule was subsumed within the Amended and Restated Design Build Agreement between the City and the Contractor. The final cost of the project, including overrun and underrun of estimated unit price quantities and previously approved Change Order Nos. 1 - 5 is $36,698,489.00, a decrease of $641,105.00 (1.72%) under the Original Contract Amount. The decreased cost is a result of the difference between planned and measured quantities and unspent escalation.


M/WSBE Participation: The advertised M/WSBE contract goal for this project was 80.45%. The final achieved participation was 79.56% and was reviewed by the Office of Business Opportunity (OBO). Typically, when a project closes, a M/WSBE performance rating is assigned. However, this closeout represents only a fraction of many contract packages to be completed for the Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion, a performance rating from OBO was not offered at this time.




Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E.


Houston Public Works

WBS No. S-000065-0002-3 & S-000065-0002-4

Prior Council Action:

Ordinance No. 2015-1260, December 9, 2015

Ordinance No. 2016-0875, November 16, 2016

Ordinance No. 2017-0231, March 29, 2017

Ordinance No. 2017-0378, May 24, 2017

Ordinance No. 2017-1017, December 19, 2017

Amount and Source of Funding:

No funding required. 


Total (original) appropriation: was $37,339,594.00.

$5,974,335.04 was transferred from Fund 8434 - NEWPP Expansion - SWIFT into Fund 8506 - PWE-NEWPP Construction Fund and appropriated from Fund 8506 - PWE-NEWPP Construction Fund.

$31,365,258.96 appropriated from Fund No. 8505-Water Authorities Capital Contrib-NEWPP Fund.


Contact Information:

Rajinder Singh – 713-725-9759

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