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Meeting Date: 10/27/2020
District C
Item Creation Date: 8/6/2020

PLN - Special Minimum Building Line Block Renewal App No. 14REN (1700 & 1800 block of Haver Street, south side)

Agenda Item#: 22.


ORDINANCE renewing the establishment of the south side of the 1700 and 1800 block of Haver Street within the City of Houston, Texas as a special minimum building line requirement block pursuant to the Code of Ordinances, Houston, Texas - DISTRICT C - KAMIN


In accordance with Section 42-170 of the Code of Ordinances, the property owner of Lot 8, Block 14 of the Cherryhurst subdivision initiated an application to renew a Special Minimum Building Line Block (SMBLB). The Planning and Development Department mailed notifications to eleven (11) property owners indicating that the SMBLB renewal application had been submitted. The notification further stated that written protest must be filed with the Planning and Development Department within thirty days of mailing. In accordance with the Code, since no protest was filed, no action was required by the Houston Planning Commission in order to submit the application to City Council.


The neighborhood and building line have remained essentially the same since the original ordinance (2000-0400) was passed in 2000.


The Planning and Development Department recommends that City Council adopt an ordinance renewing a Special Minimum Building Line of 16 feet for the 1700 and 1800 block of Haver Street, south side.





Margaret Wallace Brown, AICP


Planning and Development Department

Prior Council Action:
Ord. 2000-0400, passed on May 24, 2000
Contact Information:

Anna Sedillo



Abraham Zorrilla


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