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Meeting Date: 3/31/2020
Item Creation Date:

DR-4485 - Hand Sanitizers - MOTION

Agenda Item#: 5.


TEXAS CLEAN INC for Emergency Purchase of Liquid Hand Sanitizer - $64,000.00 - General Fund


SPD-JSA-03262020-002 - Approve payment to Texas Clean, LLC to address emergency purchase of hand sanitizers related to COVID-19 Pandemic in the total amount of $64,000.00  for various departments.


Specific Explanation:

The Chief Procurement Officer recommends that City Council approve payment in the total amount of $64,000.00 to Texas Clean, LLC  for hand sanitizers related COVID-19 Pandemic for various departments.


The Strategic Procurement Division issued an emergency purchase order (EPO) to Texas Clean, LLC on March 26, 2020 in response to the shortage of approved Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hand sanitizers to address the COVID-19 Pandemic throughout the City of Houston. 


Many of the vendors contacted were either new start-ups without FDA approval, had long lead times, or required up front payment at the time of the order and full payment at the time of delivery. Additionally, all current registered vendors were either not accepting new orders or were in backlog with no guarantee of delivery.


The City not only manages City operations, but also interfaces with multiple citizens through outreach programs. In order to help stem the outbreak of COVID-19 the City is setting up hand washing stations throughout the City of Houston supplementing these operations and outreach workers with hand sanitizers.  This hand sanitizers will be distributed to all major City facilities, outreach stations, and anywhere it is needed. 


This recommendation is made pursuant to Chapter 252, Section 252.022 (a) (7) (A) “a procurement necessary to preserve or protect the public health or safety of the municipality’s residents” of the Texas Local Government Code for exempt procurement.


MWBE Participation:

This Procurement is exempt from the MWBE, subcontracting goal participation as the total project expenditures does not exceed the City's $100,000.00 threshold.


Hire Houston First:

The proposed procurement may be funded by a federal grant; therefore, exempt from “Hire Houston First” (HHF) ordinance that promotes economic opportunity for Houston Businesses and supports job creation.


Disaster Recovery Note:

This item is related to the impacts of COVID-19 DR-4485 and it is the City’s intent to seek reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management ("FEMA") and other eligible sources for such expenditures.





_________________________________­_          ___________________________­­­­­____

Jerry Adams, Chief Procurement Officer                Departmental Approval Authority

Finance/Strategic Procurement Division              

Amount and Source of Funding:


General Fund (1000)

Contact Information:

Lena Farris          FIN/SPD          832-393-8729

Jerry Adams        FIN/SPD          832.393-9126  

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