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Meeting Date: 3/26/2019
Item Creation Date: 2/5/2019

Q28805 - Combined Utility Sytem for Water and Wastewater Rate Study (CAROLLO ENGINEERS, INC.) - ORDINANCE

Agenda Item#: 67.


ORDINANCE awarding contract to CAROLLO ENGINEERS, INC for the Water and Wastewater Rate Study for Houston Public Works; providing a maximum contract amount - 1 Year with two one-year options - $439,926.00 - Enterprise Fund


This was Item 33 on Agenda of March 20, 2019


Request for Qualification received November 26, 2018 for S67-Q28805 -  Approve an ordinance awarding a contract to Carollo Engineers, Inc. for a total not to exceed $439,926.00 for the Combined Utility System for the Water and Wastewater Rate Study for Houston Public Works.

Specific Explanation

The Director of the Houston Public Works and the Chief Procurement Officer recommend that City Council approve an ordinance awarding a one-year contract with two-one year options, to Carollo Engineers, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $439,926.00 for the Combined Utility System for the Water and Wastewater Rate Study for the Houston Public Works. The Director of Houston Public Works and/or the Chief Procurement Officer may terminate the contract at any time upon 30-days written notice to the contractor.

The scope of work requires the contractor to conduct a cost of service rate design and impact fee study to:


  1.  Calculate water and wastewater rates that are designed to fully fund the annual cost of services and meet debt service requirements and equitable among customer rate classes for water and wastewater.

  2. Calculate maximum water and wastewater impact fees that are compliant with Texas Local Government Code (TLGC) Chapter 395 and sufficient to recover growth-related infrastructure costs from new development.         

  3. Update miscellaneous fees charged by HPW based on the cost to provide the associated service.

The Request for Qualification (RFQ) was advertised in accordance with the requirements of the State of Texas bid laws.  The solicitation document was posted on the Strategic Procurement Division’s e-bidding website and, as a result submissions were received from: Arcadis, Carollo Engineers, Inc.,  Raftelis, and Stantec.  The Evaluation Committee consisted of members from the Houston Public Works, Finance, and Solid Wastewater Department.


The submissions were evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  1. Responsiveness of Proposal

  2. Technical Competence


Carollo Engineers, Inc. received the highest overall score and was deemed to be the best qualified consultant to perform the requirements as outlined in the RFQ.


This item will be presented to Budget and Fiscal Affairs (BFA) March 5, 2019.



MWBE Subcontracting:

The solicitation was advertised with a 24% goal for MWBE participation.   Carollo Engineers, Inc. has designated the below named companies as its certified MWBE subcontractors.






KIT Professional Services

Water and Wastewater Planning & GIS Services




Hire Houston First:

The proposed contract requires compliance with the City’s ‘Hire Houston First’ ordinance that promotes economic opportunity for Houston businesses and supports job creation.  In this case, Carollo Engineers, Inc. is a designated HHF company, but they were the successful awardee without application of the HHF preference.





Pay or Play Program:

The proposed contract requires compliance with the City’s Pay or Play ordinance regarding health benefits for employees of City contractors.  In this case, the contractor will provide health benefits to eligible employees in compliance with City policy. 


Fiscal Note:

Funding for this item is included in the FY 2019 Budget.  Therefore, no Fiscal Note is required as stated in the Financial Policies.







Jerry Adams, Chief Procurement Officer

Finance/Strategic Procurement Division

Department Approval Authority


Estimated Spending Authority





Houston Public Works




Prior Council Action:

Amount and Source of Funding:


Water & Sewer System Operating Fund

Fund No.: 8300

Contact Information:




Brenda Chagoya, Division Manager


(832) 393-8723




Jedediah Greenfield, Deputy Assistant Director


(832) 395-3218