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Meeting Date: 3/26/2019
Item Creation Date: 1/30/2019

E28908 - Integrated Land Management System - ORDINANCE (ROBUST SYSTEMS, INC.)

Agenda Item#: 65.


ORDINANCE approving and authorizing contract between the City of Houston and ROBUST SYSTEMS, INC, for Maintenance, Support, Development, and Professional Services in connection with the Integrated Land Management System for Houston Public Works; providing a maximum contract amount - 3 Years with two one-year options - $4,048,769.70 - Building Inspection Fund


 This was Item 30 on Agenda of March 20, 2019


Sole Source for S17- E28908 – Approve an ordinance awarding a sole source contract to Robust Systems, Inc. in the amount not to exceed $4,048,769.70 for an integrated land management system for Houston Public Works.


Specific Explanation:

The Director of Houston Public Works and the Chief Procurement Officer recommend that City Council approve an ordinance awarding a three-year sole source contract with two one-year options to Robust Systems, Inc. in the amount not to exceed $4,048,769.70 for the maintenance, support, and professional service for the Integrated Land Management System (ILMS) for the Houston Public Works (HPW). The Chief Procurement Officer may terminate this contract at any time upon 30 day written notice to the contractor.


The support of services requires the contractor to provide all supervision, professional services, labor, tools, equipment, permits, parts, expendable items, material, and supplies, necessary to maintain all support services to maintain the ILMS.  The ILMS maintains the detail records of all inspections, certificates of occupancy and permits issued for all private construction projects in the City.  Furthermore, the ILMS provides the ability for the respective HPW systems to interface with each other and with the systems outside the City through the internet.  Access to the ILMS is also provided to the Neighborhoods Department, Legal Department, Fire Department, Police Department, Houston Health Department, and the Solid Waste Management Department.  The various departments use the ILMS to review enforcement activities and the status of properties throughout the City. The contract allows for continued timely and responsive support from the contractor during the transition period to the City’s new Permitting and Inspections system.  Required changes will be limited to support continued integration with Electronic Plan Review (EPR) and Mobile Client applications, changes required to support ordinance or other legal changes, and changes required to support the migration of ILMS to Infor CDR.

Under the terms of the contract, the contractor shall be required to provide the following services:

  • Perform a technical review of the ILMS platform as needed to maintain current standards
  • Design the security for web permit issuing interface
  • Continue and extend to the City a non-exclusive, non-transferable, irrevocable, perpetual license to all software programsdevelop and installed on the ILMS system
  • Provide support services during the operation hours of 5:30 A.M. – 8:30 P.M., Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday, excluding weekends and City Holidays


  • Perform five (5) business days of on-site application review service and two (2) after-hours service calls for each annual maintenance cycle during the term of the contract.


This recommendation is made pursuant to Chapter 252, Section 252.022 (a) (7) (A) “a procurement of items that are available from only one source, including items that are available from only one source because of patents, copyrights, secret processes, or natural monopolies” of the Texas Local Government Code for exempted procurements.

M/WBE Participation:

M/WBE Zero Percentage Goal document approved by the Office of Business of Opportunity.


Pay or Play:

The proposed contract requires compliance with the City's 'Pay or Play' ordinance regarding health benefits for employees of City contractors. In this case, the contractor provides health benefits to eligible employees in compliance with City policy.


Hire Houston First:

This procurement is exempt from the City’s Hire Houston First Ordinance. Bids/proposals were not solicited because the department is utilizing a sole source for this purchase.


Fiscal Note:

Funding for this item is included in the FY2019 Adopted Budget. Therefore, no Fiscal Note is required as stated in the Financial Policies.







Jerry Adams, Chief Procurement Officer

Finance/Strategic Procurement Division

Department Approval Authority

Estimated Spending Authority





Houston Public Works




Amount and Source of Funding:


Building Inspection Fund

Fund No.: 2301

Contact Information:




Brenda Chagoya, Division Manager


(832) 393-8723

Murdock Smith, Sr. Procurement Specialist


(832) 393-8725

Jedediah Greenfield, Assistant Director


(832) 395-3218

Brian Thornton, Information Coordinator


(832) 395-2032

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