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Meeting Date: 3/26/2019
District G
Item Creation Date: 2/18/2019

HPW – 20HNP14-B Change Order / Peltier Brothers Construction, Ltd.

Agenda Item#: 38.


MOTION by Council Member Robinson/Seconded by Council Member Knox to adopt recommendation from Director Houston Public Works for approval of Change Order No. 3 in the amount of $459,857.37, awarded to PELTIER BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION, LTD. for Lift Station Renewal and Replacement - Woodway #1 Lift Station Replacement - DISTRICT G - TRAVIS

This item should only be considered after passage of Item xx above


 These were Items 1 and 2 on Agenda of March 20, 2019


SUBJECT:  Pass a motion approving Change Order No. 3 for Lift Station Renewal and Replacement - Woodway #1 Lift Station Replacement.


RECOMMENDATION:  (SUMMARY) Pass a motion approving Change Order No. 3.


PROJECT NOTICE/JUSTIFICATION:  This project is part of the City’s ongoing program for lift station renewal and replacement.


LOCATION: The project area is generally bound by Pine Hollow Lane on the north, Post Oak Timber Drive on the south, 610 West Loop on the east and S Post Oak Lane on the west.  The project is located in Key Map Grids 491 L&M.


CHANGE ORDER No. 3:  This work is required for the additional work described in Change Order No. 3 to complete the execution of this project to incorporate furnish and install a temporary 8-inch force main, temporary bypass of 8” force main, furnish and install retaining wall, differing subsurface conditions, and demobilization and remobilization.   The requirement of the work was discovered during the performance of the contract work.  This scope of work is necessary to complete the execution of this project due to the inspection results per the contract documents.  The contract duration for this project is 486 calendar days.  The project was awarded to Peltier Brothers Construction, Ltd. with an original Contract Amount of $2,600,380.00.


The proposed Change Order No. 3 is in the amount of $459,857.37 or 17.68% above the original contract amount and extends the contract time by 381 days.  This will increase the original contract amount to $3,060,237.37; leaving the 5% contingency balance for completing the remaining work. 


M/WBE PARTICIPATION:  The M/WBE goal established for this contract is 18.00%.  The original Contract approved by Ordinance No. 2015-0506 is in the amount of $2,600,380.00.  Assuming approval of the Change Order No. 3, the Contract amount will increase to $3,060,237.37.  According to Office of Business Opportunity, the Contractor’s to date MWBE/SBE performance is 35.50%.






Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E., Director

Houston Public Works


WBS No. R-000267-109B-4

Prior Council Action:
Ordinance No. 2015-0506, dated 06-03-2015
Amount and Source of Funding:

No additional funding required.


Original (previous) appropriation of $3,153,400.00 from Fund No. 8500 - Water and Sewer System Consolidated Construction.

Contact Information:

Juan Chavira, PE, PMP, CEM

Assistant Director, Capital Projects

Phone: (832) 395-2441








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