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Meeting Date: 3/26/2019
District B, District E, District I
Item Creation Date: 2/21/2019

HAS - On-Call Aviation Design Services Contracts with RS&H, Jacobs Engineering Group, HKS, and Atkins North America, Projects 715D, 715E, 715F, 715G

Agenda Item#: 19.


ORDINANCE appropriating $22,500,000.00 out of Airport Improvement Fund; approving and authorizing four contracts for On-Call Aviation Design Services for the Houston Airport System between the City of Houston and 1) RS&H, INC, 2) JACOBS ENGINEERING GROUP, INC, 3) HKS, INC, and 4) ATKINS NORTH AMERICA, INC, respectively (Project Nos. 715D, 715E, 715F, and 715G); approving expenditures of funds from the Airport Improvement Fund for payment of services associated with the above projects; providing a maximum contract amount - $2,500,000.00 - Enterprise Fund - DISTRICTS B - DAVIS; E - MARTIN and I - GALLEGOS


Enact an ordinance approving the On-Call Aviation Design Services contracts with RS&H, Inc. (Project 715D), Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. (Project 715E), HKS, Inc., (Project 715F), and Atkins North America, Inc. (Project 715G) and approving the necessary funding to finance the cost of these services. (WBS#s A-000446-0006-3-01-01, A-000446-0006-3-02-01, A-000446-0006-3-03-01, A- 000446-0006-3-04-0)



On July 28, 2017 and August 4, 2017, a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for On-Call Aviation Design Services for the Houston Airport System (HAS) was advertised in the Houston Chronicle.


Thirteen (13) Statements of Qualification (SOQ) were received on September 25, 2017 from the following proposers:


1.  Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.;

2.  RS&H, Inc.;

3.  CH2M Hill, Inc.;

4.  HKS, Inc.;

5. Atkins North America, Inc.;

6.  HATCH Associates Consultants, Inc.;

7.  Huitt-Zollars, Inc.;

8.  STOA International Architects, Inc.;

9.  WSP USA Inc.;

10. Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.;

11. Team Plus Build LLC (FS Group);

12. IMS Engineers, Inc.;

13. Robert Adams, Inc.


Upon completion of the Evaluation Committee’s (EC) review of the received SOQs, and based on criteria set forth in the RFQ, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., RS&H, Inc., HKS, Inc., and Atkins North America, Inc. were designated as the recommended awardees.


During the SOQ evaluation process, CH2M Hill, Inc. was acquired by Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Based on this acquisition, CH2M Hill’s SOQ was removed from consideration of contract award.


Services to be provided under these contracts will include the following as required at George Bush Intercontinental Airport/Houston (IAH), William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) and Ellington Airport (EFD):



Services that support projects such as Terminal A Modernization Project, Domestic Gate Expansion Project, garage and terminal wayfinding, deicing, fire station replacement (ARFF 92), bridge, tunnel and structure repairs, garage repairs, and storm water drainage improvements.



Services that support drainage rehabilitation, infrastructure support, and runway lighting.



Services in support of Infrastructure rehabilitation.


The On-Call Aviation Design Services firms must be prepared to respond to the needs and demands of HAS on an on-call, as needed basis.  


In addition to this RFQ, a separate RFQ has been advertised for Small On-Call Aviation Design Services. The Small On-Call Aviation Design scope of services is intended to foster improved local design firm participation in HAS projects and to increase local experience and qualifications in providing aviation-specific services. The recommendation for award of the Small On-Call Aviation Design Services contracts will be forthcoming.


The On-Call Aviation Design Services contracts have a five-year term. The Director may terminate the contract at any time by providing a 30 days’ notice.




$22,500,000.00        HAS – Airport Improvement (8011)

$      200,000.00        HAS Revenue Fund (8001) FY 19

$ 2,300,000.00        HAS Revenue Fund (8001) Out Years

$25,000,000.00        TOTAL


PAY OR PLAY: The existing Agreement requires compliance with the City’s “Pay or Play” ordinance regarding health benefits for employees of City contractors. In this case and in compliance with City policy, RS&H, Inc. HKS, Inc., and Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. will exercise both the “Pay” and “Play” options, and Atkins North America, Inc. will exercise the “Play” option.


M/WBE PARTICIPATION: The Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) goal for these agreements is 31%. Based on the potential Letters of Authorization to be exercised during the contract term, RS&H, Inc., Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., HKS, Inc., and Atkins North America, Inc. have committed to fulfilling the goal using the following firms:


Project 715D (RS&H, Inc.)

Firms                                                                                                        Type of Work

4b Technology Group, LLC                                            Technology/Security

AIA Engineers, Ltd.                                                                           Bridge Design

Bennett Design Group                                                                     Interior Design

Clark Condon Associates, Inc.                                                     Landscape

eStudio Architecture, LLC                                              Architectural

Ferguson Consulting, Inc                                                               Airfield Electrical/NAVAIDs/Security

FS Group Architects                                                                          Architectural Modeling

Henderson + Rogers, Inc.                                                              Building Structural

HT&J, LLC                                                                     Drainage Modeling

Isani Consultants, L.P.                                                                     Airside Civil Aprons Traffic Control

Landtech Inc.                                                                                       Topographic Engineering

United Engineers, Inc.                                                                     Subsurface Engineering

USA Shelco, Inc.                                                                                 Commissioning

Voltair Consulting Engineers, LLC                                 Landside Electrical

HVJ Associates, Inc.                                                                         Geotechnical Investigation


Project 715E (Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.)

Firms                                                                                                        Type of Work

4b Technology Group, LLC                                            Technology/IT/Security

Fivengineering, LLC                                                      Drainage

Bennett Design Group                                                                     Interior Design

Bradlink LLC                                                                 Constructability/Code/CA Services

eStudio Architecture, LLC                                               Architecture/Landscape/Sustainability

Halford Busby, LLC                                                        Cost Estimating

Henderson + Rogers, Inc.                                                              Structural Engineering

HVJ Associates, Inc.                                                                         Geotechnical

Isani Consultants, L.P.                                                                    Civil Engineering/Traffic

Jacobsen/ Daniels Assoc.                                                              Master Planning

Jones Engineers, L.P.                                                                     Plumbing

Knudson L.P.                                                                                      Landscape

Landtech, Inc.                                                                                      Topographical Engineering

Pennington & Assoc.Commissioning, LLC                     Commissioning

PGA Engineers, Inc.                                                                        A-G/G-G/Microwave/Satellite

Pacific Consulting Group, Inc.                                                      3D Graphics RODS Subsurface Utility Engineering, Inc.                                                                              Subsurface Utilities

VoltAir Consulting, Engineers-Texas, LLC                      Mech.,Elect., Plumbing, Engineering


Project 715F (HKS, Inc.)

Firms                                                                                                        Type of Work

Burns & McDonnell                                                                           Ramp Services, Gate

Clark Condon Associates, Inc.                                                     Landscape

Ferguson Consulting, Inc                                                               IT, Security, NAVAIDs

Harrison Kornberg Architects, LLC                                 Associate Architect

Henderson + Rogers Structural Eng., LLC                     Structural

Nathelyne A. Kennedy & Assoc., LP.                                        Airside Civil Engineer



Sunland Group, Inc.                                                                          Project Controls, Cost Est.,Scheduling

TSC Surveying Company, Inc.                                                     Survey

Voltair Consulting Engineers, LLC                                 Mech., Elect., Plumbing, Fire Protection


Project 715G (Atkins North America, Inc.)

Firms                                                                                                        Type of Work

4b Technology Group, LLC                                          Technology/ HAS IT Standards

Aviles Engineering Corporation, LLC                             Geotechnical Engineer

Bradlink, LLC                                                             Code Compliance

eStudio Architecture, LLC                    Architectural, Interior Design, Wayfinding,

Vertical                                                                             Transportation, Sustainability, Commissioning Ferguson Consulting, Inc   Security

Henderson + Rogers, Inc.                                                            Structural

HT&J, LLC                                    Civil Engineering, Moisture Protection and Forensic Studies Jones Engineers, LP.    Mechanical &Plumbing, Vertical Trans.

Landtech Inc.                                                                                  Topographic Engineering

RODS Subsurface Utility Engineering, Inc.                             Subsurface Engineering



No significant Fiscal Operating impact is anticipated as a result of this project.



Funding for this item is included in the FY2019 Adopted Budget. Therefore, no Fiscal Note is required as stated in the Financial Policies.


Estimated Spending Authority





Houston Airport System




Amount and Source of Funding:

$22,500,000.00   HAS – Airport Improvement (8011)

$  2,500,000.00   HAS – Revenue Fund (8001)

$25,000,000.00   TOTAL

Contact Information:

Todd Curry        281-233-1896

Robert Bakker   281-233-1953

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