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Meeting Date: 8/28/2018
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PLN Complete Communities Action Plans for the five pilot areas: Acres Home, Gulfton, Near Northside, Second Ward, and Third Ward

Agenda Item#: 7.


RECOMMENDATION from Director Planning and Development Department supporting Community Action Plans for five Complete Communities: Acres Homes, Gulfton, Near Northside, Second Ward and Third Ward - DISTRICTS A - STARDIG; B - DAVIS; D - BOYKINS; H - CISNEROS and J - LASTER


The Planning and Development Department recommends passing a motion of support for the Action Plans for the five Complete Communities: Acres Home, Gulfton, Near Northside, Second Ward and Third Ward.


In accordance with Mayor Sylvester Turner’s vision of creating transformational change in under-served and under-resourced neighborhoods, the Planning and Development Department provided professional planning, coordination, and advocacy services to the five Complete Communities. These five communities were the first to be included in a new, on-going program and were selected to allow the City to develop a program that works in all neighborhoods regardless of development patterns, demographics, socio-economic conditions or the strength of civic organizations.

Starting April 17, 2017, when Mayor Turner announced the Complete Communities initiative, dedicated staff across twenty-three City departments provided support and worked side-by-side with the five communities. A Complete Communities Advisory Committee, comprised of twenty-six experts and community leaders, was created to guide the initiative. The community engagement consisted of fourteen community-wide meetings and 1,400 stakeholder meetings. More than 3,500 people shared their insights, values, and visions.

A Neighborhood Support Team (NST) was created in each of the five Complete Communities. The NST was comprised of locally identified leaders, residents and allies, that guided each Complete Community effort. Topic areas include: civic engagement, economy and jobs, education, health, housing, mobility and infrastructure, neighborhood character, parks and community amenities, and safety. At the end of the public engagement process, project-specific working groups emerged to accomplish each of the goals identified in the Complete Communities Action Plans.

This community-centric effort has resulted in Action Plans that demonstrate the depth of community involvement. They also represent numerous opportunities for private investment and public private partnerships. By adopting these plans, City Council signals support and opens up opportunities for public sector funding such as Low Income Housing Tax Credits, philanthropy and private sector investment.





Patrick Walsh, P.E.


Planning and Development Department


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Lynn Henson

Planner Manager


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