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Meeting Date: 3/20/2018
Item Creation Date: 2/19/2018

SWM First Amendment to Recycling Services

Agenda Item#: 79.


ORDINANCE approving and authorizing first amendment to the restated agreement for Recycling Services between the City of Houston and WASTE MANAGEMENT OF TEXAS, INC (Approved by Ordinance No. 2016-216) to extend the term of the agreement for the Solid Waste Management Department - DELAYED BY MOTION #2018-118, 3/7/118

This was Item 38 on Agenda of March 7, 2018


The SWMD operates Single Stream curbside recycling collection service for participating areas of the City of Houston. The program allows residents to conveniently recycle at their curbside on a biweekly basis. This program allows customers to mix recyclable paper corrugated cardboard, plastic containers, and aluminum cans in one cart for curbside collection. The Single Stream program began in 2009 and was expanded to all homes within the City of Houston early in 2015.


The City contracts the separation and processing of the recyclable materials to parties operating local Material Recovery Facilities (MRF). March 24, 2016 a Restated Agreement replaced an expired Original Agreement between the City of Houston and Waste Management of Texas, Inc. The term of the Restated Agreement was two (2) years, beginning March 24, 2016 for a maximum contract amount of $5,758,000. The Restated Agreement expires March 23, 2018. The City has a need for additional recycling services from Waste Management of Texas, Inc. until the newly contracted vendor can be ready to begin accepting single stream recycling material for processing.


The First Amendment to the Restated Agreement extends the term of the agreement by a fixed twelve (12) month term, to expire March 25, 2019. The extension requested will provide coverage of the City's recycling processing needs until the new vendor contracted in January 2018 is ready to begin accepting single stream recyclable material for processing. All other terms of the agreement including price, remain the same. There is no additional funding requested for this amendment. Due to several factors including reduced tonnage with the removal of glass; a rise in commodity prices during the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017; and the suspension of all curbside recycling post Hurricane Harvey the original estimated budget of $5,758,000 has not been exhausted. There remains enough funding to cover the additional twelve (12) months of recycling services.







Harry J. Hayes, Director, Solid Waste Management Department

Prior Council Action:
Ordinance 2016-216
Amount and Source of Funding:

No additional funding is needed. Amended agreement will be covered by original Outline Agreement for Restated Agreement.

Contact Information:

Sarah Mason, Division Manager, SWMD                 

Phone: 832-393-0478