Item Coversheet


Meeting Date: 1/9/2018

Item Creation Date: 12/27/2017

MYR ~ 2017 Houston FIRST Corporation ReAppts. ltr. 12-27-2017

Agenda Item#: 3.


REQUEST from Mayor for confirmation of the appointment of the following individual to the HOUSTON FIRST CORPORATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS:

Class C terms to expire December 31, 2020:

Position Nine      -  DAVID M. MINCBERG, reappointment

Position Ten       -  NICKI KEENAN, appointment

Position Eleven  -  DESRYE M. MORGAN, reappointment


Class C terms to expire December 31, 2018:

Position Twelve  -  KATY CALDWELL, appointment


December 20, 2017




The Honorable City Council

City of Houston


Dear Council Members:


Pursuant to Article VI of the Amended and Restated Certificate of Formation of Houston First Corporation approved by Ordinance No. 2014-757 and filed with the Texas Secretary of State on August 15, 2014, I hereby nominate the following individuals for appointment or reappointment on the Houston First Corporation Board of Directors, subject to Council confirmation:


Class C terms to expire December 31, 2020:

David M. Mincberg, reappointment to Position Nine;

Nicki Keenan, appointment to Position Ten;

Desrye M. Morgan, reappointment to Position Eleven;


Class C terms to expire December 31, 2018:

Katy Caldwell, appointment to Position Twelve.


The résumés of the nominees are attached for your review.





Sylvester Turner







cc:      Ms. Dawn Ullrich, President and CEO, Houston First Corporation