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Meeting Date: 1/9/2018
Item Creation Date: 11/1/2017

S25918 - Medium- and Heavy-Duty Alternators and Starters - MOTION

Agenda Item#: 13.


PEARLAND ALTERNATOR COMPANY for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Alternators and Starters for the Fleet Management Department - 3 Years with two one year options - $829,821.91 - Fleet Management Fund


Formal Bids Received August 17, 2017 for S40-S25918 - Approve an award to Pearland Alternator Company, in an amount not to exceed $829,821.91 for medium- and heavy-duty alternators and starters for the Fleet Management Department.


Specific Explanation:

The Director of the Fleet Management Department and the Chief Procurement Officer recommend that City Council approve an award to Pearland Alternator Company, in an amount not to exceed $829,821.91, for medium- and heavy-duty alternators and starters for the Fleet Management Department (FMD).  It is further requested that authorization be given to make purchases, as needed, for a thirty-six (36) month term with two one-year options.  This award is for medium- and heavy-duty alternators and starters to be used by the department in its day to day repair operations citywide.


This is a price list and line item award.  Relative to the price list, the best discount which determines the low bid for a price list is the best bid received for quantities of high-use items selected as sample pricing items based on the current needs of the department.  The bid total for sample pricing items does not represent the total amount estimated to be purchased; rather, this recommendation is for the total estimated expenditures projected over the awarded term based on the low bid submitted for the representative samples.


This project was advertised in accordance with the requirements of the State of Texas bid laws.  Six prospective bidders downloaded the solicitation document from SPD's e-bidding website, and four bids were received as outlined below:


Pearland Alternator Company:  Award on its low bid for Groups 1 and 2 (Alternator and Starter Price Lists) and Group 3, Item Nos. 1 - 10 (various alternators) in an amount not to exceed $829,821.91.


               Company                            Sample Pricing and Line Item Total

1.  IEH Auto Parts, LLC                      $   9,505.26 (Partial Bid/Higher Unit Price)

2.  Pearland Alternator Co.              $274,149.06

3.  Complete Auto Electric                 $329,020.50

4.  Homer J. Wood                             $346,874.00



Zero percentage goal-document approved by the Office of Business Opportunity.


Hire Houston First:

The proposed award requires compliance with the City's 'Hire Houston First' (HHF) ordinance that promotes economic opportunity for Houston businesses and supports job creation.  In this case, Pearland Alternator Company does not meet the requirements for HHF designation; no HHF firms were within three percent.


Fiscal Note:

Funding for this item is included in the FY2018 Adopted Budget.  Therefore, no Fiscal Note is required as stated in the Financial Policy Ord. 2014-1078.




____________________________________         ________________________________

Jerry Adams, Chief Procurement Officer            Department Approval Authority

Finance/Strategic Procurement Division


EstimatedSpending Authority
 Department         FY18     Out Years        Total
 Fleet Management    $139,384.14    $690,437.77     $829,821.91 

Amount and Source of Funding:

$829,821.91 - Fleet Management Fund (1005)

Contact Information:

Desiree Heath            SPD            (832) 393-8742

Jeff Meekins               SPD            (832) 393-8743

Jedediah Greenfield   FMD           (832) 393-6910

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