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Meeting Date: 10/31/2017
District A
Item Creation Date: 7/11/2017

20WR05 Petition Creation (150.91) Harris County MUD No. 552

Agenda Item#: 17.


ORDINANCE consenting to the creation of HARRIS COUNTY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT NO. 552 and authorizing the District to issue bonds for road facilities within the City of Houston, Texas, subject to certain conditions - DISTRICT A - STARDIG


SUBJECT: Petition for the City’s consent to the creation of Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 552 consisting of 150.91 acres of land (Key Map No. 450-E, F, J, K).  


RECOMMENDATION: Petition for the creation of Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 552 consisting of 150.91 acres of land be approved.

SPECIFIC EXPLANATION: The owners of 150.91 acres of land, located entirely within the corporate limits of the City of Houston, have petitioned the City for consent to create a district.
The owners have also petitioned the City of Houston to consent to grant the addition of road utility district powers, as described by Chapter 54.234 of the Texas Water Code. Amendments to the Texas Constitution, the Texas Water Code, and related statutes authorize certain districts to issue bonds for road facilities.


The consent to grant the power to issue bonds for road facilities will allow the District to construct, acquire, improve and provide financing for roads within the District.


The Utility District Review Committee has evaluated the application with respect to wastewater collection and treatment, potable water distribution, storm water conveyance, and other public services.


The district is located in the vicinity of Kemp Forest Drive, Gessner Road, Clay Road and Brickhouse Gully.  The district will consist of 150.91 acres.  The district would be served by the City’s regional plant, West District Wastewater Treatment Plant. The nearest major drainage facility for Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 552 would be Buffalo Bayou, which flows into the Houston Ship Channel.


Potable water will be provided by the City.  By executing the Petition for Consent, the district has acknowledged that all plans for the construction of water conveyance, wastewater collection, and storm water collection systems within the district must be approved by the City of Houston prior to their construction.


The Utility District Review Committee recommends that the subject petition be approved.




Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E.

Acting Director

Department of Public Works and Engineering

Contact Information:

Yvonne W. Forrest

Acting Deputy Director

Phone: (832) 395-2847

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