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Meeting Date: 9/16/2014
Item Creation Date: 9/10/2014

10230 - MOTION to Purchase of Automated Recycling Carts through the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Tucson for the Solid Waste Management Department

Agenda Item#: 10.


TOTER, LLC for Automated Recycling Carts through the Interlocal Agreement for Cooperative Purchasing with the City of Tucson, Arizona for Solid Waste Management Department 

This item should only be considered after passage of Item 9 above

The Director of the Solid Waste Management Department and the City Purchasing Agent recommend that City Council approve an ordinance authorizing the appropriation of $5,011,250.00 out of the Reimbursement of Equipment/Projects Fund (Fund 1850). It is further recommended that City Council approve the purchase of 95,000 green, 96-gallon capacity, automated recycling carts through the Interlocal Agreement for Cooperative Purchasing between the City of Houston and the City of Tucson, Arizona in the amount of $5,011,250.00 for the Solid Waste Management Department, and that authorization be given to issue purchase orders to the City of Tucson’s contractor, Toter, LLC. These carts will be used citywide by the Department to expand the Automated Recycling Program to additional homes. As of this date, the Department has deployed 272,000 recycling carts for the Automated Cycling Program.

The Reimbursement of Equipment/Projects Fund (Fund 1850), which is being used to fund the purchase of these carts, will be reimbursed by revenue derived from the sale of recycled material and from the avoided cost of disposal of landfill material.

The 95,000, 96-gallon capacity two-wheel recycling carts will be issued to residential customers to place at the curb as part of the expansion of the Department’s Automated Recycling Program. The new carts will come with a full ten-year warranty and the life expectancy is 15 to 20 years.

Hire Houston First:
This procurement is exempt from the City’s Hire Houston First Ordinance. Bids/proposals were not solicited because the department is utilizing an Interlocal Agreement or Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for this purchase.
Amount of Funding:

Award Amount:  $5,011,250.00


$5,011,250.00 - Reimbursement of Equipment/Projects Fund (1850)


Source of Funding:
Other (Specify)

Reimbursement of Equipment/Project Fund
Contact Information:

Victor Ayres, Deputy Director (SWM)                                Phone:  713-837-9131

Ray DuRousseau, Deputy Assistant Director (SPD)         Phone:   832-393-8726

Jeff Meekins, Buyer (SPD)                                                 Phone:  832-393-8743

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